Jiangxi Reunite New Material Co., Ltd. clean production audit information publicity


  1 General
  To consciously fulfill the obligation of protecting the environment and actively accept social supervision, by the requirements of relevant national regulations and standards, combined with the actual production situation of our company, we formulate the content of environmental information disclosure.
  2 According to
  the "Clean Production Review Measures" (Decree No. 38 of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Environmental Protection);
  "Notice on Publishing the List of Key Enterprises for Cleaner Production Review in 2022" (Hong Huanfa [2022] No. 99).
  3 Environmental information disclosure content
  3.1 Basic information
  Company name: Jiangxi Renide New Material Co., Ltd.
  Legal representative: Lu Wei
  Company address: Xiongxi 1st Road, Xiaolan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Nanchang County, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province
  Production scale: annual output of finished inorganic materials 10,000 tons of light aggregate insulation materials, 4,000 tons of inorganic dry-mixed bonding materials, 3,000 tons of inorganic dry-mixed anti-cracking materials, and 3,000 tons of inorganic dry-mixed cladding materials 3.2 Ways to carry out clean production

Carry out the audit method entrust t R Consulting agency name Jiangxi Kangze Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
Self-examination £

  3.3 Sewage discharge before audit
  The main pollutants of the company include waste gas, waste water, noise, and solid waste.
  According to the test reports (report numbers: SCJC-20220415-01(c), SCJC-20220713-01(c)) issued by Jiangxi Shichuang Testing Co., Ltd. on May 9 and July 21, 2022 respectively, Jiangxi Rui All kinds of pollutants such as waste gas, wastewater and noise of Naide New Materials Co., Ltd. can meet the limit requirements of relevant discharge standards; the general solid waste generated in the production process has been properly treated and disposed of.
  3.4 Enterprise environmental risk prevention and control measures
  During the construction process, the company implemented various environmental risk prevention measures by environmental protection requirements; established and improved various rules and regulations during the production and operation process, implemented a safety production responsibility system, and conducted regular safety and environmental protection inspections And organized safety and environmental protection production education.
  4. Contact person and contact information
  Audit company: Jiangxi Renide New Material Co., Ltd.
  Contact person: Chen Dan
  Contact number: 15870610671
  Consulting unit: Jiangxi Kangze Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
  Contact person: Wangong
  Contact number: 19979532989


Jiangxi Renide New Material Co., Ltd.

September 30, 2022

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