How to adjust the putty powder?


How to adjust the putty powder? This is a question that many consumers have paid more attention to recently. Because we all know that the decoration of every household is inseparable from putty powder, how should we correctly prepare putty powder? In response to the requirements of consumers, the editor of Schneider Ecological Putty will tell you about putty powder today How to adjust, and what problems should be paid attention to in the process of deployment, I hope it can help everyone.
First, when deploying putty, the preparatory work must be done.
Everyone should prepare a container suitable for electric stirring, and it must be thoroughly cleaned. At the same time, to ensure uniform stirring, an electric stirrer with low speed and high power should be used. After the preparations are done, the deployment can begin. When preparing, add a certain amount of water first, and then pour in the putty powder for stirring. Generally, putty powder: water = 2:1, Refuse to use any chemical glue, just stir with clean water. Chemical glue containing formaldehyde has now been banned by the state, so everyone must buy real zero-formaldehyde water-resistant putty powder for the health of the family when purchasing.
Second: Everyone should pay attention to the fact that the water is mixed according to the ratio of putty powder: water = 2:1, which varies from person to person and from time to time.
If it is too dry, the additives in the putty powder are not easy to fully dissolve, and the adhesion will be affected, and it is easy to cause cracking of the putty layer during later use. And the putty slurry should not be too thin, too thin putty slurry will easily cause waste during the painting process.
Third, after stirring, it should be left to stand for 5-10 minutes (in winter, the standing time should be extended appropriately).
This process is to fully dissolve the additives in the putty powder so that the putty powder can have better structural strength, water resistance, mildew resistance, and crack resistance.


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