Interior wall putty type II

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Coating putty series


Coating putty series

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Gray Gaiji/RN-NQ02B

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Reunite II interior wall putty is ash-calcium-based putty, which is dry-mixed with traditional Chinese cementitious material ash-calcium powder and ultrafine mineral powder, plant rubber powder, water-retaining agent, and lubricating thixotropic agent. An upgrade of traditional Chinese white ash, inorganic and environmentally friendly, breathable and water-resistant, it is the putty closest to the traditional Chinese white ash wall leveling process. ​Product
● Delicate and easy to polish, the weather with low temperature and high humidity will harden faster and polish as soon as possible.
● It has a certain water resistance, and it will not powder or foam when it is wet.
● Air-hardening material, reacts with carbon dioxide and water in the air to harden.
● Lime-calcium-based putty is alkaline, please use primer to seal the alkali.
Construction method
● Prepare the base surface
Clean up oil stains, dust, loose layers and old paint on the wall surface, fill potholes and gypsum board seams, and put antirust paint on the screw heads.
●Material preparation
Prepare water in a bucket according to 35% of the weight of the powder, then add the powder, stir until it becomes a fine paste, let it stand for 5 minutes, stir again, and add water appropriately according to the situation.
● The construction of materials
is divided into two to three batches of scraping and grinding layer by layer.
● Proportion and dosage of
water: powder~0.35:12-3kg/m2
Be careful
1. Ash-calcium-based putty is an air-hardening material that reacts with water and CO2 in the air, gradually hardens, and should be polished as soon as possible.
2. Be sure to use a primer for sealing to increase the service life and adhesion of the coating.
3. Store and stack against moisture to prevent moisture agglomeration.
Scope of application
is applicable to all interior wall base surfaces.

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