Silica fume reinforced putty

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Coating putty series


Coating putty series

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Reynide silica fume reinforced putty is dry mixed with silica fume, Portland cement, mineral powder, ash calcium, dispersible latex powder, water retaining agent and thixotropic agent. It is a modified product of silica sand reinforced putty. ​Product
● It is a modified putty whose fineness is between silica sand putty and anti-crack fiber putty, which increases the bonding performance of flat paint.
● Contains a certain proportion of silicon powder, good filling and easy leveling.
● Strong adhesion to the base surface and excellent adhesion to the upper coating.
● Water and weather resistance, no cracking.
Construction method
● Base surface preparation: clean the oil and dust on the surface of the wall, use Renaide water-based interface agent to solidify the loose parts, fill the potholes, remove or polish the raised parts of putty, aluminum mold or other base surfaces, first approve Scrape the putty on the aluminum mold interface.
●Material preparation: Prepare 30% of the weight of the powder in a bucket with water, then add the powder, stir until it becomes a fine paste, let it stand for 5-10 minutes, add a little water and stir again to mature.
●Material construction: batch scraping twice, sanding, morning and evening low-humidity watering for maintenance.
● Proportion and dosage: water: powder ~0.3:12-2.5kg/m2
Be careful
1. Cement-based putty is a hydraulic material, which must react with water to harden. Sand as early as possible, slowly understand the reaction with the moisture in the air, or after the primer is applied, it will be difficult to sand after hardening.
2. Be sure to use primer to seal the alkali to increase the adhesion and life of the paint.
3. After stirring, use it up within 1.5 hours, otherwise no more water can be used.
4. The temperature is lower than 5°C, construction is not allowed, and the hot weather will be watered in the morning and evening for maintenance.
5. After construction, before the test piece is hardened, avoid rainwater and other open water washing, especially after rain washing after high temperature and sun exposure in summer.
6. In order to save labor and materials, brush water instead of grinding, so that due to the migration of cement and rubber powder, it is easy to cause peeling and hollowing.
Scope of application
is suitable for the construction process of flat paint, elastic brushed paint, and flat colorful paint.

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