Anti-crack fiber putty (Type I) (Type II)

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Coating putty series


Coating putty series

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Common Gray/RN-XW01H
Plain White/RN-XW01B
Common Gray/RN-XW02H
Plain white/RN-XW02B

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Reunite  anti-crack fiber putty is dry-mixed with high-grade cement, heavy calcium, flexible rubber powder, woody natural fiber, water-retaining agent, and lubricating thixotropic agent. It has excellent characteristics of high strength, water resistance, and crack resistance . ​Product
● Higher strength, good flexibility, good crack resistance.
● Strong bonding, no peeling, no cracking.
● Strong base adaptability, adaptable to old and new bases.
● High water resistance and high weather resistance to ensure long-term and firm coating.
Construction method
● Prepare the base surface to
clean the oil and dust on the surface of the wall. You can use Renaide water-based interface agent Chinese painting loose parts to fill the potholes, remove or polish the raised parts, aluminum film or other smooth base surfaces, and scrape first Aluminum film interface Nizi again.
●Material preparation
Prepare water in a bucket according to 35% of the weight of the powder, then add the powder, stir until it becomes a fine paste, let it stand for 5-10 minutes, add a little water and then halve it for aging.
● The construction of materials
is scraped twice, polished layer by layer, and watered for maintenance in the morning and evening at low temperature.
● Proportion and dosage of
water: powder~0.35:12-2.5kg/m2
Be careful
1. Cement-based putty is a hydraulic material, which must react with water to harden. Grind as soon as possible, and slowly mix with air Moisture reaction, or after the primer is applied, it is difficult to sand after hardening.
2. Be sure to use a primer to seal the alkali to increase the adhesion and life of the paint.
3. After stirring, use it up within 1.5 hours, otherwise no more water can be used.
4. The temperature is as low as 5°C, so construction is not allowed, and it will be watered in the morning and evening for maintenance in high temperature weather.
5. After construction, before the putty is hardened, avoid rainwater and other open water erosion, especially after rainwater erosion after high temperature and sun exposure in summer.
Scope of application
Type I is suitable for the flat coating process of exterior walls, balconies and basements.
Type II is suitable for flat coating and art paint construction of all exterior wall base surfaces, especially for base surfaces with higher crack resistance requirements for putty layers.

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