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Coating putty series

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Reunite special surface layer putty is a superfine special-purpose surface layer putty compounded with high-grade cement, ash calcium, mineral powder, and redividable latex powder. It is for the flatness and hardness requirements. Several special putties designed for leveling the surface of fluorocarbon gold house paint for colorful paint, solid color paint and metal curtain wall effect with high requirements. ​Product
● High strength and good hardness.
● Good thixotropy, can be scraped repeatedly in thin layers.
● Easy to polish, good plane effect.
Construction method
● Base surface preparation
The surface layer putty can only be constructed after the special bottom putty has been polished and maintained, divided into grids, grooved or cut into grooves.
●Material preparation
Prepare water in a bucket according to 35% of the weight of the powder, then add the powder, stir until it becomes a fine paste, let it stand for 5-10 minutes, add a little water, and stir again.
● The material construction
is thinly batched 1-2 times, mainly to level the unevenness and knife marks of the bottom putty, and it is cured after polishing.
● Proportion and dosage of
water: powder~0.35:11-1.5kq/㎡Precautions
Be careful
1. Cement-based materials should be used up within 1.5 hours after mixing.
2. Construction is strictly prohibited when the temperature is lower than 5°C to prevent freezing and thawing.
3. Avoid exposure to the sun in summer, it will not cure if it loses water too quickly, and it will be cured in the morning and evening until it hardens.
4. Before the putty is cured, avoid rainwater leakage and other open water washing, especially the putty after exposure to the sun.
Scope of application
is suitable for metal fluorocarbon paint, imitation curtain wall paint, colorful paint, and solid color paint.

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