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Coating putty series


Coating putty series

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Renide polishing putty is a water-based one-component paste putty, which is composed of various emulsions, heavy calcium powder, light calcium powder, latent stone powder, and thixotropic agent. It has good strength, easy polishing, and strong filling. ​Product
● One-component, water-based paste putty, easy to use.
●Excellent thixotropy, it can be scratched repeatedly on a large area.
● Fine and super white, strong contact with primer.
Construction method
● Prepare the base surface with
special surface layer putty, grind and maintain, and complete.
● Material preparation
One-component paste putty, ready to use, if the consistency is slightly thicker, add water to dilute.
● Material construction
batch scraping 1-2 times, no thickness, just cover knife marks and pores.
● Proportion dosage
Be careful
1. Apply after the base surface is dry, otherwise it is not conducive to emulsion penetration and is easy to layer.
2. Use it up in time after opening the barrel, and keep the unused ones sealed.
Scope of application
is suitable for polishing and leveling the putty layer of metal paint, fluorocarbon paint, imitation curtain wall paint, and colorful paint.

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