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Coating putty series


Coating putty series

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Reunite ceramic tile renovation putty is a polymer-modified special mortar-type putty, that can be scraped directly on the tile surface, eliminating the removal process of traditional renovation, reducing engineering costs, and reducing construction waste.
● High bonding strength, no need to remove bricks.
● High strength, meeting recoating requirements.
● Good crack resistance, no cracking or falling off.
Construction method
● The base surface is prepared to
clean the dirt and oil stains on the surface of the old tiles, remove the loose and hollow parts, and fill them with refurbishment putty first.
●Material preparation
Prepare water in a bucket according to 27% of the weight of the powder, then add the powder, stir until it becomes a uniform paste, let it stand for 5-10 minutes, and stir again for later use.
●Material construction:
scrape off the surface of old tiles directly 1-2 times, and then scrape the corresponding putty according to different coating processes.
● Proportion and dosage of
water: powder~0.27:11.5-3kg/㎡Precautions
Be careful
1. Moisture-proof storage and stacking to avoid hardening and agglomeration.
2. After stirring, use up within 1.5~2 hours.
3. If there is clear water on the wall, it should be dried before construction.
4. Before it is hardened, it will bulge and fall off when it is washed by rain or other open water.
5. No construction is allowed below 5°C, otherwise it will loosen and peel in case of freezing damage.
Scope of application
is suitable for tile and mosaic wall renovation.

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