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Coating putty series

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Reynide thermal insulation mortar is made of special inorganic gelling materials, high-quality powder insulation materials, hollow microspheres, rubber powder, water-retaining agents, thixotropic agents and other materials. It is specially designed for reflective thermal insulation coatings. The thermal insulation base layer with low thermal conductivity has the composite function of thermal insulation layer and putty layer to meet the requirements of high thermal insulation. ​Product
● Low bulk density, low thermal conductivity, energy saving and environmental protection.
● High strength, no falling off in thin layer construction.
● Good bonding strength, anti-sagging.
● Good thixotropy and smooth construction.
Construction method
● The base surface preparation
and wall painting shall be completed for more than 15 days, and the openings of doors and windows and the openings of pipe network frames shall be repaired.
● Material preparation
In the mixer, first prepare water in the bucket according to 42% of the weight of the powder, then add the powder, stir for 5 minutes for later use, avoid high-speed stirring with a portable mixer and other impeller mixers, so as not to break the hollow in the insulation cement microbeads.
● The material construction
shall be scraped 1-2 times according to the design requirements to reach the design thickness, which can be scraped off with a ruler, and the thickness of one batch of scraping shall not exceed 5mm.
● Proportion and dosage of
water: powder~0.42:1 1kg/mm.m2
Be careful
1. Moisture-proof stacking and storage to avoid hardening and agglomeration.
2. After stirring, use up within 1.5 hours.
3. The ground is wet and there is clear water, so the construction cannot be carried out.
4. There should be no clear water to wash within three days after construction to avoid hollowing.
5. Construction is strictly prohibited when the temperature is lower than 5°C to prevent freezing and thawing and falling off.
Scope of application
Insulation material for the base layer of reflective thermal insulation coating systems with high energy-saving requirements.

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