Inorganic active insulation mortar

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Exterior wall insulation series


Coating putty series

Product Features

Standard RB-HX350 RB-HX400

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Inorganic active thermal insulation mortar is pre-mixed with active expansion vitrified microbeads such as special inorganic gelling materials, inorganic mineral fibers, inorganic mineral thixotropic agents, etc. It has the characterist ics of good strength, strong weather resistance, and excellent thermal insulation. Add water and stir to form a slurry.​Product
● Excellent aging resistance and weather resistance
● Thermal insulation meets the national standard high-quality performance
● Excellent fire resistance and insect resistance
● The addition of inorganic mineral fibers make the product
● High strength, sticky Good baking and sag resistance
● The product has excellent crack resistance.
Construction method
● Base surface preparation
According to the design requirements, carry out interface mortar construction on the block or concrete base surface, and then paint waterproof mortar as a base. paration
water in proportion to 95% of the weight of the powder in a rolling mortar mixer, and stir for 5 minutes until completely uniform. Do not use impeller mixers such as forced mixers to stir the insulation mortar.
Material construction:
1. The walls are reinforced with thermal insulation mortar and used as ash cake to control the thickness.
2. Clean or clean floating dust and mud.
3. Spray interface mortar.
4. Wet the base surface with water, and construct after there is no clear water.
5. Each coat of paint should not exceed 1.5cm, and the second
coat of construction should be carried out after 2 hours.
Ratio dosage: water: powder = 0.95:1
- cubic mortar construction area (㎡) = 100/design thickness (cm)
Be careful
1. Be sure to spray the concrete interface agent first, the temperature is lower than 5 ℃, and construction is prohibited in rainy days.
2. Use up within 1.5 hours after mixing, do not use the impeller mixer to stir the insulation mortar.
3. The thickness of each painting should not exceed 1.5cm, and the construction of the next process cannot be carried out before The previous painting is cured.
Scope of application
Concrete, blocks and other building interior and exterior wall insulation, is a class A non-combustible insulation system.It can be used as a fireproof isolation belt for external insulation systems such as polystyrene boards and phenolic bo ards. It is the best thermal insulation material for special-shaped walls, and it can also be used for grouting construction in sandwich walls.

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