Graphite Composite Polystyrene Board

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Exterior wall insulation series


Coating putty series

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Graphite composite polystyrene board is an insulation board made of graphite modified polystyrene particles and thermosetting inorganic gelling agent. Has excellent low thermal conductivity and flame retardant properties. ​Product
● Good thermal insulation, thermal conductivity ≤0.060
● Good flexibility, no cracking, no broken board
● No water absorption, no softening, good fire resistance
● Light weight, easy vertical transportation, wall Small body load
Construction method
● Base surface preparation
15-28 days after the base powder painting is completed, clean up the unevenness of the painted surface, and repair the holes of the pipe fittings. The flatness error requirement is ≦4mm.
● Material preparation: According to the design requirements, the factory will directly cut out the specified thickness.
The plane size is generally 600mmx1200mm.
●Material construction:
1. Whole surface paste: When the flatness of the base surface is less than 4mm/2m, use the whole surface paste.
2. Point-side paste: even when the flatness is less than 10mm/2m, use point-side paste, and the paste area is greater than 40% of the board surface area.
3. Staggered seam paste: The vertical seams of EPS boards should be arranged in staggered rows one by one, and the corners of the walls should also be staggered and interlocked.
4. Anchor reinforcement: use special anchor nails for external wall insulation, and anchor according to design requirements.
● Proportion and dosage: 1.05㎡/㎡
Be careful
1. Must use flame retardant qualified boards
2. Board seams shall not be directly filled with adhesive or plastering mortar
3. Board seams shall be filled with styrofoam and
Scope of application
Widely used in building exterior, roof, ground, cold storage insulation.

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