Foam cement insulation board

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Exterior wall insulation series


Coating putty series

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Foamed cement insulation board is made by mixing cement, water, fiber, admixture, foaming agent, foam stabilizer, admixture, etc. into a slurry at a high speed, and cutting it after foaming and hardening in a mold Lightweight inorganic porous concrete insulation board. ​Product
● The combustion performance is Class A non-combustible.
● Easy construction, accurate thickness.
● It is an ideal material for fireproof insulation belt in insulation system.
● There are a large number of closed pores in the foamed cement board, which is lightweight and has low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation effect.
● Water resistance, high strength, high bonding strength with the wall, and long life with the building.
Construction method
● Base surface preparation
15-28 days after base powder painting is completed, clean up the unevenness of the painted surface, repair pipe holes, and the flatness error requirement is ≦4mm
● Material preparation
is cut and packaged by the factory to the construction site, and can be directly unpacked When pasting and splicing need to be cut, it can be easily sawed with a hand saw.
●Material construction:
1. Hang the control line vertically.
2. Full sticking method, paste cement foam board.
3. For caulking, fill the board seams with anti-crack mortar.
4. Apply the first anti-cracking mortar, and spread the alkali-resistant grid cloth.
5. Apply the anti-cracking mortar for the second time. The two-times anti-cracking mortar adopts the wet-on-wet process, and it is completed in one go. The alkali-resistant mesh is perfectly embedded in the anti-cracking mortar.
● Proportion and dosage: 1.05m3/m2
Be careful
1. Use the full sticking method to avoid hollowing.
2. Handle with care to reduce broken boards, and store them away from rain to reduce loss.
3. After laying the boards, use anti-cracking caulking, and only after hanging the nets can there be no board printing and no cracking.
Scope of application
Exterior wall insulation, exterior wall interior insulation, roof insulation, floor insulation, fire isolation belt.

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