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Special polymer redispersible latex powder modified, water-repellent and fiber-reinforced cement-based one-component dry-mixed plastering protective mortar and alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh cloth are compounded to form an anti-crack protective layer, which can prevent cracks that may be caused by the inconsistent thermal expansion coefficients of the surface protection layer material and the insulation layer, and have the function of anti-crack and anti-seepage. ​Product
● High strength, effectively protect the insulation layer
● Modified flexible rubber powder, good crack resistance
● Good weather resistance, long service life
● Selected aggregates, saving materials and labor
Construction method
● Prepare the base surface
and dry the thermal insulation slurry for more than 5 days. It is advisable to press the palm of your hand.
●Material preparation:
Add water to a ratio of about 25% of the weight of the powder, stir well, let stand for 5 minutes, and stir again (add appropriate amount of water) for selection.
●Material construction:
1. Apply the first anti-cracking mortar about 3-4mm thick, and then press the alkali-resistant mesh cloth into the wet mortar with a trowel.
2. Apply the anti-cracking mortar for leveling for the second time.
3. The overlap width of alkali-resistant grid cloth is 10mm. Press it into one side first, then apply mortar, and then press into the other side. Dry lapping is strictly prohibited.
4. The facing brick is made of hot-dip galvanized steel wire mesh, and the mesh is fixed with anchors first, and then the anti-cracking mortar is applied.
● Proportion and dosage: water: powder~0.25:1 3.5-4.5kg/m2
Be careful
1. After the mortar is mixed, use it up within 1.5 hours
2. The temperature is lower than 5°CAvoid construction
on rainy days and direct erosion by rainwater
Scope of application
Different models are suitable for inorganic light aggregate insulation mortar, inorganic active insulation mortar, foamed cement insulation board, thermosetting composite polystyrene board, rock wool insulation board, graphite-modified polystyrene board, and other insulation systems anti-crack surface.

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