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Exterior wall insulation series


Coating putty series

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Adhesive Mortar is a one-component polymer modified cement-based composite adhesive, supplemented with redispersible latex powder to enhance the strength of the adhesive, and has more excellent physical properties and durability. ​Product
● Simple construction, ready to use after mixing with water
● Strong sag resistance, sticking without shifting
● High bonding strength, firm and reliable
Construction method
● Base surface ready
to remove Oil stains, dust, loose layers, and old paint on the surface of the wall, the wall must be flat, firm, and clean.
●Material preparation
Add water to the ratio of about 20% of the powder weight, stir until uniform without agglomeration, let it stand for 5 minutes, add the appropriate amount of water stir again, and set aside.
● Material construction:
1. Use a sawtooth plastering knife to plaster the bonded mortar on the insulation board, and then paste the insulation board evenly on the base wall from bottom to top. , There should be no glue between the board seams, and the vertical board seams should be staggered.
● Paste method:
(1) Paste on the whole surface when the flatness of the base surface is less than 4mm/2m(
2) Paste on the side when the flatness of the base surface is less than 10mm/
: Powder~0.2:1 5-6kg/㎡
Be careful
1. The temperature should not be lower than 5°C, and the wind force should be less than level 5.
2. Avoid construction in rainy days, and avoid open water washing after construction
. Touch, tap, vibrate
4. After the mortar is prepared, use it up within 1.5 hours
Scope of application
Different models of insulation are suitable for the bonding of different insulation boards such as foamed cement boards, integrated boards, rock wool boards, thermosetting composite polystyrene boards, and graphite-modified polystyrene boards.

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