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Coating putty series

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A high-strength interface treatment agent compounded with high-quality rubber powder, reinforcing agent, cement, quartz sand, and water-retaining agent. It is sprayed on the base surface to form a granular base surface to increase the smooth base surface, insulation layer, and paint layer. the bond strength between them. ​Product
● High-grade cement has high hardness and high strength.
● Modified high-quality latex with strong cohesive force.
● Early strength, water resistance, long-lasting, anchored to the base surface.
Construction method
● Base surface preparation
The base surface is concrete, light brick surface and other walls (clay bricks do not need interface mortar), and the floating dust and mud on the surface should be cleaned in advance.
●Material preparation
Add water to the ratio of about 20% of the powder weight, stir until uniform without agglomeration, let it stand for 5 minutes, add appropriate amount of water and stir again, and set aside.
● The material construction
is directly scratched into a rough surface on the base surface, and sprayed with water for maintenance after 24 hours to improve the early strength. For places where it is difficult to apply thermal insulation slurry, you can first apply a layer of interface mortar and then apply thermal insulation slurry while the interface mortar is still wet
Proportion of
water: powder~0.2:1 1.5-2kg/m2
Be careful
1. Construction is not allowed when the temperature is lower than 5°C.
2. Avoid construction on rainy days, and avoid open water washing after construction.
3. Pre-wet the wall before spraying, and construct after there is no clear water.
Scope of application
1. L type is suitable for batch scraping process of aerated brick and mortar base.
2. Type II is suitable for the traditional batch scraping process of concrete base.
3. Type III is suitable for spraying and spinning various base surfaces.

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