plaster self-leveling

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Gypsum mortar series


Coating putty series

Product Features

Lightweight plaster RS-100/130S RS-100/130P

Product Details

Gypsum self-leveling is a kind of self-leveling made of desulfurized gypsum and phosphogypsum as the cementitious material, adding gypsum retarder, water-retaining agent, thixotropic agent, and rubber powder, and premixed by the factory, replacing cement mortar Or cement self-leveling is used for indoor leveling and floor heating backfilling.

● Low density, lightweight, reducing floor load.
● No shrinkage, thick paving without cracks.
● Low thermal conductivity, energy saving, and environmental protection.
● Sound insulation and noise reduction, heat insulation, and low conduction.

Construction method
● Prepare the base
surface by cleaning and flushing the ground to remove dust and sundries. After the rinse is completely dry, roll-coat Reneide water-based interface agent 1-2 times to infiltrate the base surface Reinforce seal, and block the doorways, drains, and other places that may leak.
●Material preparation
Add water to a special tank according to 25% of the weight of the material, then add powder and stir to form a slurry.
●Material construction:
leveling the gate and pouring directly on the ground, gypsum self-leveling is a fluid mortar with automatic leveling performance, which can be assisted by a special rake to speed up the flow.
● Proportion and dosage:
Water consumption Water: Powder~0.25:1 kg/cm.m2
Be careful
1. Keep away from moisture and harden when exposed to water.
2. It is only used for indoor leveling, and it is forbidden for kitchen and bathroom space.
Scope of application
is suitable for indoor ground leveling and floor heating backfilling.

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