Tile grout type I caulking type

Product Classification:

Ceramic tile adhesive filling series


Coating putty series

Product Features

Gray RC-TF01H
Color RN-TF01C
Puhei RN-TF01B
Extra black RN-TF01T

Product Details

Reunite ceramic tile joint sealant is made of black or white cement (color joint sealant), quartz sand, heavy calcium, waterproofing agent, rubber powder, and inorganic pigment. It is a cultural product for interior and exterior walls. 2-in-1 joint filler for bricks, imitation stone bricks, clay bricks, and other facing bricks.​Product
● Good water resistance, preventing rainwater from pouring into the wall.
● Strong alkali resistance, low alkali, and less whitening.
● Bright colors and inorganic pigments do not fade.
Construction method
● The base surface is ready to
be painted smoothed, and dried for more than 15 days.
●Material preparation: Prepare water in a bucket according to 20% of the weight of the powder, then add the powder, and stir for later use. ●Material construction: Construct
directly according to the tile adhesive. The cement around the tiles is full without missing batches. After the tiles are flattened, the cement is extruded from the brick joints to fill the gaps between the bricks.
Proportion and dosage: water: powder = 0.2:1 1.5-3kg/㎡
Be careful
1. After tiling, the wall has a high water content and cannot be caulked, and it is easy to turn white.
2. The mixing water should be as little as possible to increase the density.
3. Press the seam after it is half dry, and wipe the brick surface with a dry cloth.
Scope of application
is suitable for interior and exterior wall-facing bricks, cultural bricks, clay bricks, etc.

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