Tile Adhesive Type II

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Ceramic tile adhesive filling series


Coating putty series

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Strong type RC-NJ02Q

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Reunite II tile adhesive is compounded by Portland cement, heavy calcium, quartz sand, re-dispersible latex powder, water retaining agent, and modified additives. It is specially used for pasting mortar with low water absorption rate ceramic tiles Kind of clay. ​Product
● High bonding strength and strong anchoring force.
● Good thixotropy, anti-slip, and anti-drop.
● Long opening time, easy to adjust.
● Good flexibility, anti-expansion, contraction, and peeling off. ​Construction
Construction method
● Prepare the base surface
to ensure that the wall is dry and firm, and the base surface that is not up to standard is reinforced and the surface is hardened. If waterproof treatment is required for the base surface, a special waterproof coating film under the tiles should be used.
● Material preparation
Prepare water in the container according to 20% of the weight of the powder, then add the powder, stir evenly, let it stand for 5-10 minutes, and stir again.
● For material construction
, scrape off a certain area of ​​tile adhesive on the base surface to be pasted with a toothed knife, and then paste the tiles, or use a toothed knife to scrape off the tile adhesive on the surface of the tile board before pasting.
● Proportion and dosage of
water: powder = 0.2:1 1.5-3kg/㎡
Be careful
/Be careful 1. Moisture-proof stacking and storage to avoid hardening and agglomeration.
2. Use up within 1.5 hours after stirring.
3. The wall surface is damp, and construction cannot be done if there is clear water.
4. Construction is not allowed when the temperature is below 5°C.
Scope of application/Scope of application
is suitable for pasting indoor and outdoor porcelain tiles.

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