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Reunite polymer waterproof mortar is made by mixing cement, aggregate, composite self-healing waterproof agent, and organic polymer that can be dispersed in water. Among them, the composite waterproofing agent can reduce the water absorption of the hardened cement capillary, and generate inorganic gels and self-intentional fine cracks through the reaction. It is mainly used for repairing leaks on building surfaces and internal and external walls. ​Product
● The surface is hydrophobic, and dry without impregnation.
● Dense, self-healing, high impermeability.
● High bonding strength and a strong affinity with the substrate.
● Good flexibility and high crack resistance.
Construction method
● Base treatment
1. Base strength: Concrete should not be lower than C20, and cement mortar should not be lower than M10.
2. The loose layer, oil, dust, and other sundries on the base should be removed, and the smooth surface should be roughened.
3. The base surface should be rinsed with water, fully mixed, without open water.
4. Depending on the condition of the base layer, the interface agent should be brushed.
●Material preparation
1. It is recommended to add 25% water, and then add 70~80% pre-weighed clean water into the clean container.
2. Then slowly add waterproof mortar powder while stirring continuously, and stir for 2 minutes.
3. Then add the remaining water and continue stirring at low speed (maximum 800rpm) for 2 minutes until the mixture is uniform.
● Material construction
1. Polymer cement waterproof mortar should be constructed in layers, and the thickness of each layer should not exceed 8mm; the latter layer should be carried out after the initial setting of the previous layer, and each layer should be firmly bonded.
2. Each layer should be constructed continuously. When it is necessary to leave stubble, it should be in a stepped slope shape. The distance between the stubble part and the yin and yang angles should not be less than 200mm. The upper and lower layers should be staggered by more than 300mm.
3. Smoothing and compaction should be completed before the initial setting, and covered and cured after the final setting.
4. In case of bubbles, they should be broken and compacted to ensure that the paving is dense.
5. The mortar waterproof layer should be flat and firm, without defects such as cracks, peeling, and sanding. It should be firmly bonded to the base layer without hollowing. 
Be careful
Polymer cement waterproof mortar is suitable for waterproofing the facing surface.
After the waterproofing project is completed, it is strictly forbidden to drill holes in the waterproof layer.
The construction temperature of polymer cement waterproof mortar is 5°C-35°C.
Scope of application
is suitable for waterproofing and anti-seepage of various grounds, roads and bridges, pools and swimming pools; waterproofing of basements, civil air defense projects, tunnels, storage, and factory buildings; kitchens, bathrooms, balconies, roofs, Windows around, and pipes through the wall are waterproof.

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