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Reunite sound insulation mortar shock absorption and sound insulation mortar is a new type of building material with high-efficiency sound insulation performance. It is composed of silicate, cement, quartz sand, natural environmentally friendly elastic damping materials, surfactants, and additional Ready-mixed dry-mixed mortar made of agent, which can be used after adding water. The damping material in the shock-absorbing and sound-insulating mortar adjusts the modulus of elasticity, increases the conversion rate of mechanical energy to heat energy, and reduces high-frequency transmission, to achieve a good sound insulation effect. ​Product
● Odorless, non-toxic natural materials, long service life.
● Easy to construct, just add water and stir.
● It is not easy to form a sound bridge, with no hollowing, and no cracking.
Construction method
● Base treatment
1. It is required to completely remove the dirt, dust, and loose layer on the base surface, and the base surface should be smooth and firm.
2. The base surface that is too smooth needs to be chiseled or polished manually, and rinsed with clean water.
3. The base layer should be wetted for 24 hours before construction to fully absorb it without clear water.
●Material preparation
1. A mortar mixer should be used for on-site mixing, and the finished soundproof mortar should be based on a water-cement ratio of 1:4.
2. The mixing time is 4-6 minutes longer than that of ordinary mortar. It is advisable to pre-mix for 2 minutes, stop for 2 minutes, and then stir for 2 minutes to fully mix evenly.
3. The mixing amount at one time should be adjusted according to the plastering speed. The sound insulation mortar should be mixed as it is used, and the sound insulation mortar should be used within 2 hours after stirring.
●Material construction
1. After taking it out, pour it directly on the floor and smooth it out. In case of partial thinness of pipes, anti-cracking measures must be taken. The thickness should meet the design requirements or the thinnest part should not be less than 20mm. Can be constructed.
2. When the surface of the plastered mortar is not sticky to hands, first use a foam washboard dipped in water to rub the mortar, and then use a steel trowel to calender or make a rough surface according to the design requirements. Calendering should be completed before the final setting.
3. No special maintenance is required, just sprinkle water once after 24 hours. (Splashing water and heavy objects are not allowed within 3 days of completion.)
4. About seven days after the construction is completed, divider joints are cut on the vibration-damping and sound-proof mortar. The depth of the joints is required to cut through the surface of the floor. *Within 4M.
Be careful
The construction environment temperature is 5-35°C, and should not be lower than 5°C, and the raw materials must not be affected by moisture, rain, sun, and sundries.
It is not suitable for construction in rainy weather or freezing. If construction must be carried out in winter, necessary antifreeze measures should be taken.
Do not mix too much material at one time, and each time the material should be used up within 2-3 hours.
Scope of application
is suitable for residential buildings: residential buildings, hotels, etc.; public buildings: such as schools, hospitals, libraries, office buildings, clubs, gyms, etc.

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