Door and window frame waterproof caulking mortar

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Reunite door and window frame waterproof joint mortar is made by mixing cement, aggregate, waterproof agent, expansion agent re-dispersible rubber powder, and other additives. It is a high-strength special mortar used for sealing the gaps between aluminum alloy doors and window frames and openings. It is a special mortar with a combination of rigidity and flexibility, micro-expansion, and high strength. Material. ​Product
● It has extremely high waterproof and anti-seepage performance and waterproof level.
● Good flexibility, crack resistance, and aging resistance.
● High bonding strength, firmly bonded with door and window frames and walls to form better frame structure strength
● If there is no man-made and structural damage, it can last the same life as the building.
Construction method
● Base treatment
1. Check the size, width, flatness, and verticality of the gap between the door and window frame and the wall after installation.
2. Clean the door and window frames, clean the loose sand in the gaps, and moisten the base surface with clean water.
●Material preparation
1. When using, add the appropriate amount of water and stir evenly with a machine to form a thick paste.
2. After standing for 5-10 minutes, stir again and set aside.
3. The well-mixed mortar should be used up within 3 hours to avoid waste caused by hardening and agglomeration.
Material Construction
1. After the door and window frames are installed, use manual grouting, and pour an appropriate amount according to the size of the gap between the door and window frames and the wall. Joint filler, just full of slurry.
2. Move left and right toward the gap, and move from one end to the other along the edge of the frame. The speed of movement depends on the filling of the groove of the edge of the frame with the joint filler.
3. After grouting, use a scraper to smooth the slurry, which is consistent with the corners of the door and window frames, and the yin and yang corners need to be smoothed.
4. If necessary, wooden boards can be used as baffles to fix the slurry area, and then unload after the slurry is dry.
Be careful
This product is non-toxic, tasteless and non-polluting. It is a non-dangerous product and can be transported as general cargo.
Store in a cool and dry environment, avoid rain and moisture, and the shelf life is 6 months.
Cement products may condense in advance due to the humidity of the storage environment, which is not a quality problem. Applicable
Scope of application
is suitable for waterproof and anti-seepage filling of door and window frames; fixed filling of door and window frames and walls; closing and sealing of masonry walls under beams; waterproof sealing of screw holes in walls.

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