The main reason for the powder removal of putty powder


Putty powder is a kind of building decoration material, the main components are talcum powder and glue.
Putty is a kind of base material used for wall repair and leveling, which lays a good foundation for the next step of decoration (painting and wallpapering). Putty is divided into two kinds: putty inside a wall and putty on an exterior wall. External wall putty can resist wind and sun, so it has good gelation, high strength, and low environmental index. The comprehensive index of putty in the inner wall is good, and it is hygienic and environmentally friendly. Therefore, the inner wall is not for external use and the outer wall is not for internal use. Putties are usually based on gypsum or cement, so rough surfaces are easier to bond firmly. However, during construction, it is still necessary to brush a layer of interface agent on the base to seal the base and improve the adhesion of the wall, so that the putty can be better bonded to the base.
Depowdering of putty rubber powder is a very serious problem. It will cause the latex paint to fall off, as well as the putty layer to bulge and crack, which in turn will cause cracks in the latex paint finish.
De-powdering and whitening of interior wall putty powder are currently the most common problems after putty construction. To understand the reasons for interior wall putty powder de-powdering, one must first understand the basic raw material components and curing principles of interior wall putty powder, and then combine During putty construction, the dryness of the wall surface, water absorption rate, temperature, dryness of the weather, etc., find out the main reasons for the powder drop of the putty powder on the inner wall and use the corresponding method to solve the problem of powder drop of the putty powder.


Prescribe the right medicine to solve the five major problems of putty scraping

Putty is the same as paint construction, it is easy to cause various surface problems such as cracking, powder falling, air bubbles, etc. due to substandard material quality or improper construction. Everything is forewarned, so let us first understand some common quality problems of putty scraping, and take corresponding measures during construction to prevent these problems from appearing.

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