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Coating putty series

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Type I interior wall putty



Interior wall putty type II

Gray Gaiji/RN-NQ02B


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Prescribe the right medicine to solve the five major problems of putty scraping

Putty is the same as paint construction, it is easy to cause various surface problems such as cracking, powder falling, air bubbles, etc. due to substandard material quality or improper construction. Everything is forewarned, so let us first understand some common quality problems of putty scraping, and take corresponding measures during construction to prevent these problems from appearing.


Causes and prevention of bad mortar cohesion

The fullness of the mortar in the horizontal mortar joints of masonry is lower than 80%; there are blind joints in the vertical joints, especially in the hollow brick walls, there are often more transparent joints, and the dry wall is built with large shrinkage, and the depth of the shrinkage can even reach 20mm The above affects the fullness of the mortar. Bricks are not watered and wet before masonry, dry bricks are placed on the wall, or the length of plastering is too long, resulting in poor bonding of mortar and bricks.